The Yarra Valley Wine Tours– The Way You Want It


Whatever you want, it’s yours.
Whatever you don’t want, its gone.

We know every group wants different things, so we’ve organised packages as to what we feel are the most commonly asked for.

A trip out to the Yarra Valley is something everybody should do at one point of their lives, and we know how to your time exactly the way you want it! As the state’s number one wine region, the Valley is home to some of the OGs of Victorian Wine making. The Yarra Valley is world-renowned for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Ciders, as well as its one-of-a-kind vineyards, restaurants and scenery. Put simply, there is something for everybody out here.

Guided Yarra Valley Day Tours and Packages – Planning Your Itinerary

Whether you’re the ‘Casually Sophisticated’ type who enjoys a laid-back experience with a touch of class or the ‘Fancy One’ who wants to splurge on a special day, we have the perfect itinerary for you. From a Champagne breakfast at Domain Chandon to wine tasting at the rustic Yerring Farm, a three-course meal at Zonzo’s Estate or a stop at the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory, we’ve got it all.

And if you’re looking for something different, our interactive map lets you customise your trip to include everything from gin distilleries and cider houses to restaurants, cheese places, and even strawberry and cherry farms.

Here are some of our most popular guided Yarra Valley day trip options.

Option 1
‘The Picnic Chiller’

‘We’re not too fussed, we just want a cheap good time’

For the close group that wants to keep costs down, have a wholesome day out and bring their own food for a picnic at a scenic winery!

The usual itinerary


1. Wine and cider Tasting

at the rustic and cute Yerring Farm!


2- Second Wine tasting

@ Helens Hill Estate


3- Tasting and Picnic

Rather than a restaurant, Bring your own food along for wholesome picnic. We have a sheltered spot on top of a hill at the stunning Hanrahans Wines! Cheese platters provided. Live acoustic music provided too!


4. Paddle of Ciders!

@ Napoleans Orchard bar. Wines and Beers available too!


5. Final Wine Tasting

@ Helen and Joeys Estate for a tasting, a unicorn and a great view!


6. Drive Home

with A LOT of singing to arrive back in Melbourne by 5:30/6pm


What’s included

4 or 5 Venues which includes all tastings
Ability to switch and choose any wineries with Beer or Gin stops
Have complete control of Music the entire time
Pick up and Drop off wherever you like
Save costs on food and bring your own snacks/picnic which we can have at one of the scenic venues.
Bring your own drinks for the bus ride

Starting from $130 pp

Option 2
‘The Casually Sophisticated’

‘We want it relaxed, but would love a meal/restaurant included…laid back but with a touch of class’

For the group of friends or colleagues that want to have a laid back experience with a meal that’s not overly fancy like Shared Woodfire Pizzas and cheese platters.

The usual itinerary


1. Wine tasting at Helen and Joeys Estate

Beautiful views to start the day!


2. Wine and cider tasting

@ the converted barn; Yerring Farm Wines... Beers available here too!


3. Cheese platters, Shared Woodfire Pizzas and wine

Lunch time! We visit Killara Estate for their phenomenal pizzas, platters and wines!


4. Alternatively, a 2 course meal at Soumah Estate

Enjoy a wine tasting, glass of wine, a 2 course meal and coffee/tea to finish.


5. Gin and tonic paddles

@ Four Pillars Distillery


6. One last stop for a round of drinks

@ a scenic winery or brewery to enjoy one last round!


7. Drive home

with A LOT of singing to arrive back in Melbourne by 5:30/6pm


What’s included

4/5 Venues which includes all tastings
Lunch included at either brewery or vineyard that will include shared pizzas of your choice or a la carte venues.
Cheese board to share
Ability to switch and choose any wineries with Beer or Gin stops
Have complete control of Music the entire time
Pick up and Drop off wherever you like
Bring your own drinks for the bus ride

Starting from $165 pp

Option 3
‘The Fancy One’

‘We want to splurge a little with fancy stops,
lovely lunch and give a special someone a day to remember’

Perfect for a couples date, girls day out, hens, bachelor or a classy work party but with a touch of elegance.
You want a day filled with scenic insta worthy places, the finer wines, a 3 course meal and anything else you can think of!

The usual itinerary


1. Champagne Breakfast

Enjoy a glass of bubbles at Domain Chandon


2. Wine tasting

@ Medhurst Wines. Here has the best Rose in our opinion!


3- Three Course Meal

@ Zonzo's Estate, Meletos or Soumah Estate (Prices vary)


4. Cider paddles

at Napoleans Orchard bar! Wine and Beer also available


5. Round of drinks on your own

Lets have a break from the wine talk @ Yarrawood Estate and enjoy panoramic views along with Crochet and hopefully live music!


6. Final stop at Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory

Coffee, Chocolate and Ice Cream. We can also switch this around for more free time at another winery or bar if you want instead


7. Drive home

with A LOT of singing to arrive back in Melbourne by 5:30/6pm


What’s included

5+ Venues which includes all tastings
Cheese boards
Complimentary bubbles on arrival
3 Course Lunch included at vineyard of your choice of a la carte menu.
Ability to switch and choose any wineries with Beer or Gin stops
Have complete control of Music the entire time
Pick up and Drop off wherever you like
Save costs on food and bring your own snacks/picnic which we can have at one of the scenic venues.
Bring your own drinks for the bus ride

Starting from $199 pp

Something else?

Customise your trip with our Interactive Map!

The Yarra Valley is home to so many venues and wineries. Some big, some small, some with scenic views, some with rustic charms…This is everyone we work with!

Whatever you want, you got it!

Gin Distilleries
Wineries Big and small
Cider houses
Cheese places
Vodka Distilleries
Strawberry and Cherry farms

Group Wine Tours of the Yarra Valley – See It Like Never Before

Whether you’re a group of wine enthusiasts, planning a corporate team-building exercise,
celebrating a special occasion or simply need a break from the mundane, we’re here to take you on
a one-of-a-kind adventure.

From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon, the Valley has options for every
palette. If you’re not really that familiar with wine, this could be the perfect time to gain an all new
appreciation for it!

Tee Pee’s Private Wine Tours of the Yarra Valley with Lunch

What makes our private wine tours of the Yarra Valley so special? Beyond the beautiful views and natural landscape, you have exclusive access to some of the world’s finest vineyards and winemakers. We can take you behind the scenes or let you explore it all at your own pace—At Tee Pee Tours, the choice is all yours!

Not into wine? Don’t stress. We can transport you and your entire group to brewery tours and distillery tours of the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas. Our Yarra Valley tours also include delicious lunch, picturesque locations and options for the entire group of friends and family.

Why Choose Tee Pee Tours for Your Yarra Valley Adventure or For Your Next Brewery Tours?

Whether we’re hosting a wine tasting in Yarra Valley or guided brewery tours, we believe in creating a fun, relaxed and sociable environment for everyone. Here are some of the other things you can expect on one of our Yarra Valley tours.

Private Wine Tastings and Vineyard Picnics: Savour the best of Yarra Valley wines at exclusive tastings and enjoy picturesque vineyard picnics that add a touch of elegance to your day.

Personalised Tours: Our tours are customised to cater to your unique preferences and tastes. Whether it’s a small group wine tour or a private wine tour, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Local Guides: Our guides know everything there is to know about Melbourne, it’s wine regions and the history around it…but we also know this is a wine tour and you’ve come  just to drink. We don’t want to lecture too much. If you want to learn, ask us! But we really want to make the day social and fun, with a bit of learning here and there.

Versatile Tours: From bachelorette parties and romantic getaways to educational trips and retiree outings, our tours cater to a diverse range of requests.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Micaela, one of our happy customers, had to say: We arranged a private Teepee Tour through the Yarra Valley for my birthday and honestly, could not fault it! The team were all super friendly, the stops recommended were delightful and all 15 of us had the BEST day! Would highly recommend.”

Private Wine Tasting Tours Of The Yarra Valley – Set Off on an Unforgettable Journey with Tee Pee Tours

Tee Pee Tours is more than your run-of-the-mill stock standard tour provider. We keep your options open and let you determine the activities and experiences. Of course, we also have in-depth knowledge of the area and will happily provide some recommendations for places to go, things to do and people to see.

Through us, you can book

Hens Winery Tours of the Yarra Valley
Private Group Winery Tours in the Yarra Valley
Guided Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours
A Yarra Valley Wine Tour With Lunch
Brewery Tours across the Yarra Valley and the Greater Melbourne Area
And A Whole Lot More!

As you can see, the options are endless! Give us a ring at 0423 237 833 and let’s get started on planning a day you’ll remember forever. We’re here to make your Yarra Valley adventure as fun, easy and memorable as possible.

Tee Pee Tours – 5 Step Process

Step 1: First Contact: Your Call, Your Tour: Planning Your Ideal Experience

After we receive your online contact form or your booking form or you’ve called on 0423 237 833, our friendly staff will discuss your requirements in detail. We will send options, prices and itinerary options either via email or text.

Whether it’s a wine tour, day trip, brewery tour, hens or bucks party, we’re here to tailor-make the perfect tour for you. Next, we’ll email or text a little more to just get it absolutely perfect for your day out. Some groups can be happy with the very first itinerary we talk about and this process is done in one email. Others want to explore all sorts of options. Either way, we are here for it!

After we get a better understanding of your interests, group size and personal style, we’re more than happy to provide some recommendations. We’ll then confirm where you want to go, what you’re really looking for (Unless ‘half day tour is important?)

Step 2: Make your booking to get the plan locked in

Once we’ve laid out the perfect plan for your day, we’ll send you the details for your approval. After making any necessary changes, we’ll get you to make a booking by paying a deposit on our website by clicking ‘Book Here’, then ‘Private Tours’. This is a non-refundable $100 deposit.

Once this booking is made and the plan is set, we then immediately book all of the venues discussed, allocate a vehicle, a driver and make sure everything is locked in. Sometimes people go straight to this step without contacting us, so we will make sure we get a plan going ASAP after you’ve booked.

Rest assured, our tours are flexible and we’re always happy to tweak things to make sure your day is exactly as you imagined.

Step 3: Rounding up the Troops

From the moment we have received your $100 deposit, things are locked in. We have got everything ready on our end. It’s now your job to start getting everyone organised and find out what your final numbers will be. We also recommend checking for any dietary requirements, finalising the pickup and drop off address, and any other minor details that we may need to know.

If everyone is paying for themselves, then we recommend collecting payments from them ASAP so we can get a good idea on numbers early. It’s in everyone’s best interest for this number to be communicated honestly, realistically, and frequently. The number of people dictates the price, the vehicle we use and the driver who can drive that vehicle.

Step 4: The Week Before and the Final Email

7 days before the tour, we will email you to give you all the very final details so you won’t have any more questions. This final email will include the driver’s details, the itinerary, rules expected behaviours, vehicle details and payment instructions. Payment will be via bank transfer/invoice or a payment link can be sent.

We do not require full payment until 2 days before the tour. Once payment is made and we are all good to go, there’s nothing left to do, except drink!

Step 5: The Day of Your Tour

On the day of your tour, our professional and friendly staff will be there to pick you up and drop you off wherever we have discussed and planned. Our guides provide recommendations, plenty of banter and overall, make sure everything runs smoothly. We have a bit of a common sense approach to the day.

If we feel something isn’t working or that people need more of this or less of this, we are always happy to add a few bottles on the table, or a cheese platter or whatever we think is reasonable. We want to make sure this is the best day ever so you’ll join us once again!

You got a question do ya?

I have someone that doesn't drink... Can they get a discount?

Absolutely! We can give huge discounts to people who are basically just having lunch!

How many people can you fit on your Yarra Valley wine tours?

1-11 in our mini bus.

24 is the absolute max our bigger bus! We can do more but it will come at a cost as we’d need to hire another bus!

Can kids come on your Yarra Valley tours?

Sure! We have infant baby seats and can accommodate for children. Anyone under 18 years of age comes for free!

What's included in a wine tasting tour of the Yarra Valley?

A tasting normally involves a small amount of wine, perhaps a little bit more than what you would get in a shot of tequila. Generally at each vineyard, you receive 6-7 wines. This equates to one glass at each venue. You will also be invited to listen to the cellar doors wine experts to teach you about what flavours you might be able to taste and how the wine was made….However…if you don’t care too much about that, just smile and drink!

We have some Vegans...

Nobody’s perfect. But we can happily accommodate for all dietary requirements!

Can I bring drinks on the bus?

Yes! As long as you clean up after yourselves and are somewhat respectful, that’s ok with us!

Can you pick me up/drop me off from anywhere?

Yep! No worries. As long as it’s in Melbourne or somewhere along the way to the destination, we can pick you up and drop you off at multiple locations. This applies to every guided Yarra Valley day trip.

What should we bring if we are having a Yarra Valley tour picnic?

We have an esky with ice and go to a place with tables and chairs. The picnic can be as fancy or as laid back as you want it to be. You can bring as much as you want. The only thing you cannot bring is your own alcohol as the picnic stop is a winery with their own wines and beers. Fortunately, you are able to buy drinks there.

During your Yarra Valley tour, we can also provide cheese platters at the wineries that are really good so if you’d like to choose cheese let us know and that will save you bringing things like boards, cheese, knives etc….

What makes Tee Pee Tours different from other wine tour operators?

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that running a tour is about creating the best possible atmosphere, one that’s relaxed, flexible, sociable, and inclusive. We put an emphasis on getting everyone to connect..and not in a lame cheesy way. Through organic conversation, or a communal playlist, We Get People Talking. We offer end-to-end transportation and let you decide where we go and how long we stay. Plus, our tour durations are very adaptable.

Does Tee Pee Tours cater to people who are not very interested in wine?

Of course! While we specialise in wine tours, we understand that not everyone’s a wine lover. That’s why we offer a range of alternatives including behind-the-scenes looks at Victorian restaurants, estates, breweries, and distilleries.

I'm organising a hen’s party in Melbourne. Can Tee Pee Tours help me plan the event?

Yes, we can! Our hens party wine tours are specially designed to provide an unforgettable experience for the entire group. We take care of every detail, allowing you to focus on having a great time.

I'm a seasoned wine enthusiast. Can Tee Pee Tours offer me a unique experience?

Definitely! We offer personalised wine tours, where we tailor the itinerary to match your preferences. This also comes with direct access to local wine makers and hands-on wine making activities. Even if some people in the group don’t love wine and others absolutely love it, we can pick places where we can split the group up. This is usually easy as some of the places are literally next door to one another. We know the Melbourne Wine regions so well that we know exactly where the wine-enthusiast will appreciate things, and where the others will find ways to enjoy it too.

How can I book a wine tasting tour near Melbourne?

It’s easy! Either click ‘BOOK HERE’ on this page, or Just give us a ring at 0423 237 833. Our friendly team is ready to help you plan your perfect tour. Book your tour today and let’s make some memories together!

Any other questions? Ask us anything