Public Picnic Tour

On your own? Just a couple of you? Experience the Yarra Valley with some ‘soon-to-be’ drunk friends!

We go where YOU want to go!

Funnily enough, we didn’t really like wine tours to begin with..: The Old boring driver, no-one talking, a wine guru taking themselves a little too seriously, a tiny but very expensive meal, no control of the music, no drinking on the bus….but most of all.. we hated that we couldn’t change the itinerary to what we or the group wanted. Their itinerary was set before even meeting us……But with over 100 different vineyards, restaurants and distilleries it seemed silly to be so regimented.
SO …..

We thought we’d change all of that!


We want to give everyone a chance to input in the tour and make the day up as we go along.
Of course we have a default itinerary if no-ones too picky or being decisive but we try to accomodate best we can for everyone.
If your over wine, we’ll check out a cider house.
Dont like cider? We’ll check out the brewery.
Don’t like Beer? We’ll go to a Gin Distillery.
Don’t like alcohol? We’ll take you to cheese and chocolate
Don’t like what everyone else likes? We can split you up for a tasting and go where you want.

We want this tour to be ‘a little democracy’

Everything is possible on our Public trip where we put the focus on getting everyone to get to know each other, have a laugh, all contribute to the playlist for the day and rather than go to a pretentious restaurant, we enjoy a picnic that you can bring whatever you please to enjoy at a beautiful winery with some live music.

The Usual Day Out

Every group is different, Every day is different, but if we had to generalise, this would be a standard perfect day out


1. Create a playlist for the day

While we introduce each other, we'll all contribute to the communal Spotify playlist for the day!


2. Wine and Cider tasting @ Yerring Farm

This old and rustic converted barnyard is a nice and relaxed way to start the day!


3. Cheese tastings @ Yarra Valley Dairy!

A quick little stop to check out some of Yarra Valleys best cheeses!


4. Wine tasting, Picnic and cheese! @ Hanrahans Vineyard

We'll have a 45min session to enjoy snacks/food you have brought at a secluded and scenic winery. Cheese platters and live music provided!


5. Scenic Wine tasting @ Helen and Joeys Estate!

At this point we like to ask what everyone would want! This could be replaced with a non-wine stop if the group is over wine! Gin? Beer?


6. A glass of cider or beer @ Naploeans Orchard bar!

We like to mix things up after a few wineries and visit an outdoor cider bar! Beer and wine also available


7. The Chocolate Factory!

If we have time for it, and the group wants, we can visit the Chocolatier in the valley! Coffee and ice cream also available!


8. Drive home with a drinks, tunes, conversation and

We've got a few little conversational games we like to entertain with on the way back!


What’s included

Venues which includes all tastings
Ability to switch and choose any wineries with Beer or Gin stops
Have complete control of Music the entire time
Pick up and Drop off wherever you like
Save costs on food and bring your own snacks/picnic which we can have at one of the scenic venues.
Bring your own drinks for the bus ride

$125 pp


Searching Availability...

You got a question do ya?

I like the idea...but how does it work if people want different things from the day?

We really pride ourselves in trying to please everyone! It’s very common that we may have some that want one thing but the other half want the other..
Thats where our expertise of the area comes in. Almost every stop is very close to each other. Chocolate is across the road from wineries. Cider is across the road from beers. Big wineries…small wineries….They are all close! We even at times can seperate the group for one stop to please everyone! Its seriously not a hassle.
We have this down-pat!

I have someone that doesn't drink... Can they get a discount?

Unfortunately with our public tour, every seat regardless of drinking is $125

Can kids come?

Absolutely! We even have infant seats available. Unfortunately we do still need to charge. for children under 3, we do not charge… However anyone between 3 and 18 will be charged $70 AUD.

What's in a tasting?

A tasting normally involves a small amount of wine, perhaps a little bit more than what you would get in a shot of tequila. Generally at each vineyard, you receive 6-7 wines. This equates to one glass at each venue. You will also be invited to listen to the cellar doors wine experts to teach you about what flavours you might be able to taste and how the wine was made….However…if you don’t care too much about that, just smile and drink!

We have some Vegans...

Nobody’s perfect. But we can happily accomodate for all dietary requirements!

How many people come on the tour?

Our tours have a maximum of 11 people and need a minimum of 4 to run a tour. If we have less than 4, it is up to our discretion if the tour will be cancelled or not.

Can I bring drinks? Can we drink on the bus?

Yes, you can! We don’t mind if you bring drinks on the bus, however we always encourage to buy some of the local wine too! It is important to note that you cannot BYO drinks to any wineries…including the picnic stop. There is wine to purchase there!

What should I bring for the picnic?

We have an esky with ice and go to a place with tables and chairs. The picnic can be as fancy or as laid back as you want it to be. You can bring as much as you want. The only thing you cannot bring is your own alcohol to the picnic as the picnic stop is a winery with their own wines and beers. Fortunately you are able to buy drinks there obviously.
We also provide cheese platters at the wineries that are really good so if you’d like to choose cheese let us know and that will save you bringing things like boards, cheese, knives etc….
Guests of ours normally bring packets of chips, sandwiches, things you buy from a cafe etc…. no stress!

What time and where do we meet and get dropped off?

We pick up at 9:45am out the front of St Pauls Cathedral on Flinders street.
We roughly arrive back there at 5:15pm

Any other questions? Ask us anything



    How many people in your group

    What date are you looking for?

    Which region would you like to go to?