The Daily Public Group Tour


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On your own? Just a couple of you? Join our group tour!

Experience the Yarra Valley with some ‘soon-to-be’ drunk friends!

We go where YOU want to go!

Funnily enough, we didn’t really like wine tours to begin with..: The Old boring driver, no-one talking, a wine guru taking themselves a little too seriously, a tiny but very expensive meal, no control of the music, no drinking on the bus….but most of all.. we hated that we couldn’t change the itinerary to what we or the group wanted. Their itinerary was set before even meeting us……But with over 100 different vineyards, breweries, chocolate, cheese restaurants and distilleries… it seemed silly to be so regimented.

SO ….We thought we’d change all of that!

We want to try to give everyone a chance to input in the tour and make the day up as we go along. We don’t want to go to places where no-one really feels like it.

Of course we have a default itinerary!

And If no-ones too picky or being decisive we will takeover.
We like to include a wide range of things..not just wine…From Four Pillars Gin, to a small local cider place, a chocolate factory or a cheese place or Domain Chandon…..We can’t do everything! but we try to accomodate best we can for everyone.

If your over wine, we’ll check out a cider house.
Dont like cider? We’ll check out the brewery.
Don’t like Beer? We’ll go to a Gin Distillery.
Don’t like alcohol? We’ll take you to cheese and chocolate
Don’t like what everyone else likes? We can split you up for a tasting and go where you want.

We want this tour to be all about the feel and the group we have on the day.

So in basic terms: Everything is possible on our Public trip! We want you to book with us knowing we will make this day as personal as possible… where we put the focus on getting everyone to get to know each other, have a laugh, all contribute music to the playlist for the day and enjoy all sorts of food and drinks while doing it.

The Usual Day Out

Every group is different, Every day is different, but if no-one was too bothered and we had to generalise, this is our standard perfect day out..


1. Create a playlist for the day

While we introduce each other, we'll all contribute to the communal Spotify playlist for the day!


2. Wine and Cider tasting @ Yerring Farm

We've just driven one hour, so we want to feel like we are out in nature instantly! We start the day with wine, apple cider and stunning views. This old and rustic converted barnyard is a hidden treasure of the region! Greatest cider in Australia!


3) Wine and cheese platters @ Tokar Estate

Compliment your wine tasting with a few local cheeses with a gorgeous view


4a) Lunch @ 'Quarters' Restaurant at St Huberts Estate.

Order and pay whatever you feel like for lunch at this incredible venue. A foodies paradise. We'd allow 20-30$ for lunch. Also a cellar door to try wine or whiskey and indigenous art museum on site too. *Lunch is at your own expense on the day* Menu available on their website.


4b) Domaine Chandon

We offer those that really want to go to Chandon the chance to go there for lunch at their own expense for over an hour. This is instead of Huberts Estate.


5a) Gin and tonic paddles @ Four Pillars Gin Distillery

Try 4 gins with a mixer of tonic, soda or lemonade....or any drink of your choice.


5b)..or a Wine tasting instead @ Payten and Jones

Across the road from the gin place is this winery that is arguably the best of the day! If you don't want gin, we'll give you he choice to go here.


5c)...Or a Beer tasting @ Watts River brewery

Love beer? Skip the Gin place and we'll get you a paddle of 4 local beers from this local favourite craft brewery.


6a) Final stop at Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory

25 minute private chocolate tasting, and time after to end the day on a sugar high and get ice cream, a coffee or enjoy the beautiful views.


6b) Don't want chocolate? Keep on drinking instead

For those not interested in chocolate, we will take you around the corner to Yarrawood winery. We split the group up accordingly so everyone gets what they want. Note:This would be at your own expense (10-15$)


7. Drive home with a drinks, tunes, conversation and

We've got a few little conversational games we like to entertain with on the way back! Normally we are back at 4:45-5pmPM. We drop back from across the road of the pick up spot.


What’s included

4-5 Venues which includes all tastings
Generally we do 2x wineries, a restaurant for lunch with a museum on it also, 1 x Gin place and a 1x Chocolate tasting.
Ability to have an input on the the itinerary
Have control of Music the entire time
Pick up and Drop off from Central Melbourne
Bring your own drinks for the bus ride
The ability to get picked up/dropped off closer to the Yarra (case-by-case)

$130 pp


Tee Pee Tours – 4 STEP PROCESS

Step 1: Make your booking

When you make your booking directly on our website, we will have asked you to tell us your 4 ideal spots you’d like to visit on the tour. We always like to personalise the tour based on the group we have, so this is our way of understanding early what everyone wants. After we receive your booking or you’ve contacted us on or  0423 237 833, we will have sent out an automatic email telling you of all the details; from where to be, what to bring, what the rough itinerary is planned to be and anything else we think you need to know.

Step 2: Let us know of anything!

If there is a particular place you wanted to go, or a particular dietary requirement or concern you have, you’ll need to contact us via email or phone so that we know beforehand. Although our drivers are trained to accommodate any changes on the day, it does really help us to plan as best as possible. The automatic email invites you to reply with anything we should know or any place you want.

Step 3: The Day Before

Normally within 24 hours of the tour starting, we will send you an email that will include your drivers details and phone number, and the itinerary that we have tentatively locked in. It invites you to make any last requests as well in case there has been some changes.

Step 4: The Day of Your Tour

On the day of your tour, our professional and friendly staff will be there to pick you up from St Pauls Cathedral, Flinders Street at 8:50am and then drop you off at ACMI Museum (across the road from pick up sot) at 5pm Our guides provide recommendations, plenty of banter and overall, make sure everything runs smoothly.

You got a question do ya?

I like the idea...but how does it work if people want different things from the day?

We really pride ourselves in trying to please everyone! It’s very common that we may have some that want one thing but the other half want the other..
Thats where our expertise of the area comes in. Almost every stop is very close to each other. Chocolate is across the road from wineries. Cider is across the road from beers. Big wineries…small wineries….They are all close! We even at times can seperate the group for one stop to please everyone! Its seriously not a hassle.
We have this down-pat!

I have someone that doesn't drink... Can they get a discount?

Unfortunately with our public tour, every seat regardless of drinking is $130

Can kids come?

Absolutely! We even have infant seats available. Unfortunately we do still need to charge. for children under 3, we do not charge… However anyone between 3 and 18 will be charged IN FULL 130$. Every seat is charged the same. We can compensate by offering mocktails and extra things at each spot.

What's in a tasting?

A tasting normally involves a small amount of wine, perhaps a little bit more than what you would get in a shot of tequila. Generally at each vineyard, you receive 6-7 wines. This equates to one glass at each venue. You will also be invited to listen to the cellar doors wine experts to teach you about what flavours you might be able to taste and how the wine was made….However…if you don’t care too much about that, just smile and drink!

We have some Vegans...

Nobody’s perfect. But we can happily accomodate for all dietary requirements!

How many people come on the tour?

It depends…
We have 2 vehicles. One with 13 seats, one with 25 seats. We can never guarantee which vehicle is used and what the group size will be. If you ABSOLUTELY want a small 12 or less group, then we might not be for you anymore! Due to an increase in demand for us we have decided to take on a few more people each tour and get a bigger bus.

Either way, Our tours never exceed 18 people. When we are busy we may run both of these vehicles and split the group up into two groups, so if being in a small group is important to you, please let us know, but we can’t promise it!

Most of the time however, we are 15-18 ppl on one bus with 25 seats. We purposefully don’t fill the bus so people can have lots of space and so that the tour still has an intimate feel and ‘small group’ feel. We feel like we’ve perfected that group size. Anymore and it feels a little too big!

We require a minimum of 5 to run a tour otherwise it urns the risk of cancelling… Everyday for 18 months we have been fully booked so the likelihood of being cancelled is low!

Can I bring drinks? Can we drink on the bus?

Yes, you can! We don’t mind if you bring drinks on the bus, however we always encourage to buy some of the local wine too! It is important to note that you cannot BYO drinks to any wineries…including the picnic stop. There is wine to purchase there!

What should I bring?

We have an esky/cooler with ice and don’t mind if you bring your own drinks or snacks along. As long as its respectful!

What time and where do we meet and get dropped off?

We pick up at 9:00am out the front of St Pauls Cathedral on Flinders street.
We roughly arrive back there at 5:00pm. We ask you arrive at 8:50 at St Pauls and look for a white Mitsubishi bus with registration BS07ED.

Any other questions? Ask us anything


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