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Melbourne Advice

MELBOURNE, According to us

We’ve lived here our entire lives and we hate to hear when people say theirs either nothing to do, or that the hostels/backpacker scene has them doing all the same things! So we though we’d offer some our best Melbourne tips for free!

Chill Bars/Live Music

Baxters Lot

This chilled little bar right in the heart of Fitzroy is our favorite recommendation! Small, dim lighted, cozy vibe with live music every night of the week. Great place to meet others, sit down or even have a dance. Particularly good on every second Sunday for open mic nights!

College Lawn- Prahran

Over on the Prahran/St Kilda side is an awesome beer Garden and inside area/This place is popular amongst travellers that are calling Melbourne home for a few months.

The Nightcat, Fitzroy

Just around the corner from Baxters is one of Melbourne’s greatest live music venues. Be sure to check out on social media what they are doing as it changes almost every night. From anything to Salsa,R’nB to Jazz, this place is unreal! A circular stage with a live big band and everyone dances around the stage.

Carlton Club, CBD

Travellers seem to find this place on their own somehow, but we spent some of our best years of our 20’s on weekends here Great social environment. Everyone seems approachable here.

29th Apartment, St Kilda

Unlimited pizza on a Wednesday and a free drink for $10 7-10pm. Backpacker haven. Guarantees you entry into the party part of the night after 10.


If you are looking to hit the d-floor, I would always say go to Chapel street. Filled with clubs. But I would say this one is a solid option. Yes you need to pay entry, but if you want to get a real look into how Melbournians party, This is it.

Paris jazz club, CBD

Want that classy, red wine jazz experience? $10 will get you to see some of the WORLDS best jazz musicians.

Max Watts House of Music, Brunswick

You’ll see great local and international soul,jazz and blues artists here that might not market themselves so well…But they are legit musicians!

Birmingham hotel, Collingwood

Sports bar with one of the better Chicken Parmagianas in Melbourne. Located in the heart of Collingwood, this is a great place to watch a game of whatever it is you like with the locals

Beneath Driver Lane – CBD

Love Blues? Go straight here to see free music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Jazzy Saloon bar vibe.

Section 8, CBD

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Bimbos Fitzroy

2 years ago burnt down and is now re-opened! A solid choice for a night out no matter what your mood. Good area down stairs to dance and enjoy $4 pizzas and a nice little rooftop. I feel everyone in Melbourne has been here at least once!


The Rooftop bar

Located on the top of Melbourne’s most iconic party building, This place is perfect to get a great view, sun and cheap drinks. In summer they have movies here most nights!

Naked for Satan

You’ve probably heard about this already. Great skyline view, but kinda $$$$. Great for a quick stop, then continue on Brunswick street!

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Madamme Brussels

Nice view at night, Hard to find as you need to go up a random elevator you’d most likely probably miss . A lovely cocktail experience.

Lui Bar

Probably the most upmarket and fancy rooftop bar Melbourne has. For someone that enjoys the finer things in life or loves people watching in an unfamiliar environment!

State of grace – CBD

Awesome rooftop and well priced drinks and awesome food! Even has a downstairs area that you need to go through a secret door!

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Johnnies Green Room – Carlton

Right in the heart of Carlton, home of Melbourne University, hides away this classy but approachable rooftop cocktail bar. Perfect for a few drinks on a Friday night!


Super Normal – CBD

Quintessential Melbourne food experience. A wide range of all types of Asian foods and is owned by one of the judges of Masterchef Australia. Never heard a bad thing from anyone that goes there!

Chin Chin – CBD

A Wide range of Asian dishes from Indian through to Vietnam, this place is probably the most talked about restaurant in Melbourne. If you are one of the many that need to wait an hour for a seat, don’t worry, there is a bar downstairs to sink your sorrows while you wait.

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Mr Miyagi – South Yarra

Looking for sushi? This place is most likely going to be recommended by anyone in Melbourne. Right in the heart of Chapel street, Although kind of pricey, this place doesn’t disappoint however if you are looking for something more affordable

Hotel Jesus – Collingwood

Best Tacos and Mexican food in general Melbourne has…and that has come from 3 californians and multiple latin amaericans that have come on our tour! Believe them, not me!

Sushi Kaiten 2 – CBD

This place has 2 restaurants in Melbourne. One being a sushi train! This is Andrews personal favorite sushi place in Melbourne!

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Veggie Bar – Fitzroy

For all you healthy vegans and veggies, Veggie bar has a completely vegetarian/vegan menu. And its reallllllyyy good! Try out their ‘better than a big mac’. Thanks us later!
is place doesn’t disappoint however if you are looking for something more affordable

Yong Green food – Fitzroy

In my opinion, a slightly better vegan/vegetarian place than Veggie bar! Their chilli bean wrap is next level!

Base Camp – Northcote

Service is brilliant, food is even better! This has a Nepalese twist on a lot of their dishes and has a lot of Himalayan style foods I hadn’t heard of. Try their Balti range and it’ll leave you licking the plate.

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Easeys – Collingwood

This is weird, but cool. They have out old trains on the roof of a three story building, and the trains are a restaurant, serving up some cheap and awesome burgers!

Sir Charles – Fitzroy

BEST.BRUNCH.IN.MELBOURNE. Hands down. I don’t think there has been a place I have enjoyed food more than here. Their Eggs Benedict…Simple right? …Nope.. Theirs is something out of this world. They deep fry an egg for a few seconds covered in bread crumbs and put it in with some really unique styled hollandaise and bread and it is……just go get it!


We have the biggest Greek population outside of Athens. Go check out how great our version of greek food can be!


Hardware Cafe is very popular and great for a breakfast or cafe, however it seems to be getting really popular…Next door is just as great, ‘Hash’!


Every tourists say Australian bread sucks….If this sounds like you, Just go here to see that you are wrong! It is extremely busy here though so make sure you get in nice and early…by Noon they may have run out of everything!


Some of the best meat and steaks in Melbourne. The meat is hung, dried and treated by one of Melbourne best butchers- Andrew McConnell and his team at ‘Meatsmith’. Builders arms was also filmed in ‘Offspring’, an Australian drama. Some of the best meat in Melbourne!

Mister Bianco, KEW.. Or Lygon street

Everybody will tell you go to get the best Italian food in Melbourne, which we are so known for, go to Lygon street. Our little secret is a little far away from there but its incredible. Fine dining kind of stuff but well worth it!

Things to do

Penguins in St Kilda

Save yourself $$$ by not doing the very touristy Phillip Island day trip and go to the St Kilda pier at sunset and see the small penguins come home for the night

Laneways/ Bourke Street Musicians

Strolling through the laneways, stopping for a coffee, and then watching the musicians who have to audition to get their spot on this street is a lovely way to fill a few hours! The likes of Tash Sultana and the Pierce brothers were discovered here!

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Free gigs Friday mornings

Every Friday morning an artist will perform an entire set for free at ‘Basement Discs’ in a basement record store in an alleyway in the heart of the city.

The Best Coffee

We know we get on a high-horse when it comes to coffee, but we do it really good! These places are the best places for coffee…
 – St Ali Coffee Roaster,South Melbourne

– Café Segovia, CBD

– La Creperie Saint-Germain, CBD

– Dukes Coffee Roasters, CBD

– Cafe Biscotti, CBD

– Sir Charles, Fitzroy

– Lucky Penny, Chapel Street


– Queen Elizabeth Market

– Rose street Art Market

– South Melbourne Market

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!


Jump into Art with this interactive museum! All the art pieces are designed to give people the illusion you are in the photo! Perfect for all you insta-stars!

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!

Holey Moley CBD

If you want a carefree night with some laughs, check out Holey Moley! Beers, Mini golf, games, life sized chess…Great little night out!

Week of Cheap Thrills


$5 Boozy Bingo @ Base Hostel, cheap drinks and a big party while playing bingo with a bunch of travellers. Best fun you can have on a Monday.


$6 Steak/Salad @ The Provincial, Fitzroy 6-9pm. $5 tacos @Barkly Hotel

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!


$10 Unlimited Pizza @ 29th Apartment, St Kilda

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!


$13 Lunch at Birmingham Hotel, Fitzroy


Lucky Coq $4 pizza 7-10

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!


$10 Chicken Parmagianas @ The Barkly Hotel, St Kilda, live music, happy hour 4-8.

Nice, chill place very popular amongst tourists. A must go!


Bimbos $4 Pizzas 7-10

Other Tours / Friends


If you loved our trip and your going up to Sydney, make sure you check out Trent and his gang ‘Coast Warriors’. They do similar social and quality trips to the Blue Mountains, Port Stephens and a few more spots around Sydney! These guys have a really similar style to us! Check them out here. If you book mention ‘Teepee Tours in the booking form!


The best part of Byron Bay are its surrounding Hinterlands and its Waterfalls which you can’t seem to get to without a vehicle or local knowledge! Enter Liam and his bus! Liam takes you around the Hinterlands exploring and swimming in multiple Waterfalls before going to the bubble town of Nimbin, where you can get some fun cookies and other fun things ;). Perfect day trip in Byron!


As you head up to Brisbane, make sure to check out Timmy and his ‘Shakka Tours’! He has day tours through Brisbane, or do something completely different to any other backpacker and do North Stradbroke Island! We don’t meet too many people that go there, but its absolutely incredible and a true hidden gem that Tim is showcasing in a brilliant way!


– The next best drive in Australia after the great Ocean Road is Fraser Islands rainforests and long, long beaches. This adventure with Dropbear is incredible! There are so many Fraser trips to choose form, but look nowhere else but DropBear! Hannah and Mark are our idols. They started this trip 12 years ago in a similar way to us! The thing that really separates these guys form the rest is their true appreciation of the land and its history. They don’t call it Fraser Island, but K’Gari Island, which is what the indigenous Australians called it. Dropbear really connect with the Aboriginal History in a way you dont really get on any other tour we know of! It’s also a great social trip where you and 10-20 others will drive in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles throughout he day and can party at night at their awesome camp retreat! a MUST DO!


Chelsea and her team are one of the best independent tour operators in Cairns. I get countless people saying that our trip feels very similar to this trip! They do multiple trips out to the Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach or more famously the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation!


Jacob and his 25 seater ‘Magic Bus’ do 3-4 week road trips up the untouched Western Coast of Australia and occasionally the southern coast. This trip is epic and really well priced! But its not fo the faint hearted….You will be camping and cooking EVERY NIGHT at very remote areas. This trip runs monthly and is generally a pretty rowdy trip! They fill up a lot so if they are overbooked, get on their waiting list or check out their competitors ‘Why Not Bus’