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We are 2, 27-28 year old Melbournians who have travelled the world ourselves, so we get it! We know how to make your experience perfect – Laid back, non-touristy, not too fancy, down to earth and most importantly, relatable!

Adam and Andrew Teepee Tours

Hey everybody, Adam and Andrew here! We’re a couple of young guys from Melbourne who practically grew up along the Great Ocean Road. We, just like you, have travelled a fair bit! However, once we got back from our trips we had a case of those post-travel blues and needed to have some fun again with the same kind of people. We felt like there was nothing along the Great Ocean Road at that moment that gives you the real story of our backyard. Everything out there at the moment is pretty boring, touristy and expensive. So it was simple – we needed to make the best road trip for us backpackers and do this leg of your trip the right way! Once we had the idea, we threw away the university books and picked up the surfboards and started this epic road trip for you!

We are both 25 years old and have been mates for years and years. The story of how we met is a funny one- one you are sure to hear about on the trip. After failing university for 2 years we both happily left with absolutely no plans at all!

We love our jobs and never get tired of meeting new people! We do this 6 months of the year and travel the other 6 months so we might be seeing you in your corner of the earth soon!


Adam loves his sport, from NFL to AFL to surfing. Anything competitive he will most likely love. He has travelled most of Europe, the States, South East Asia and is looking for tips about South America! Big Simpsons fan. Loves Crime Documentaries. Eggs for breakfast everyday. Man crush on Steph Curry.


Andrew is definitely not the athletic one but has a big music bone and will gladly play some tunes on the guitar for you on the trip. Our constant banter and bickering will have you thinking they are an old married couple. Andrew has traveled extensively through Central America, Canada and South East Asia. Man crush on John Mayer. Weird phobia of 5 cent coins. Plays guitar and sings around Melbourne.


Riley is 10 months old and is a pure bred Border collie. He has bright blue eyes and lvoes licking people. He is a big attention whore! He is Adams pride and joy and occasionally comes on the tour with us. It should be noted he doesn’t ALWAYS come… Dogs need their rest too!


Jacko is almost 10 years old and is the veteran of this tour. Recently Jacko has been a bit naughty on the roads and as a result, has been fired. He keeps telling us he’ll be better so we occasionally give him a chance.