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Festival season is generally between November through to April, with some of the best festivals in the country in our backyard around Melbourne.  If you haven’t heard already, but most Australians listen to a radio station called Triple J (107.5 FM in Melbourne). This isn’t just a radio station but a way of life for most people our age. They introduce most new music from all around the world like Arctic Monkeys,Sticky Fingers, The Kooks, Kendrick Lamar,Highasakite,Milky Chance, Tame Impala, Major Lazer and thousands more….If there is a good alternative artist in your hometown, there is a good chance their being played on Triple J..Their scope is incredible! The station pays particular attention to emerging Australian Artists. So many bands have become big through this station such as Sticky Fingers, Tame Impala, Gotye, Lorde, Angus and Julia Stone, Vance Joy, Chet Faker and loads more! For this reason, many of our festivals include bands you’ve probably never heard of, but are seriously talente! So get amongst it!Also, If you aren’t staying here too long and moving up the coast, don’t worry, we gotcha!

Falls Festival- Over New years eve, this festival is probably the most popular option for people between 18-30 who want to have a big NYE. It isn’t just in Lorne, Victoria, but also in Tasmania and Byron Bay. Artists this year included Bloc party, Disclosure, The Wombats, Kurt Vile and many Aussie artists!

Laneway- In early February, this festival goes around the country but originally started in Melbourne. Laneway boasts to secure artists BEFORE they get big. It’s a huge Triple J platform and is a really good alternative type of festival. It goes for one day but the day is filled with new music you’ve never heard of before. Laneway had Artists such as Lorde and Violent Soho before they got big!

Meredith- Getting more into the ‘bush doof’ side of things, but a lot more tame, Meredith is an hour away from Melbourne and is super chilled when it comes to bringing drinks and anything else in. Most festival go-ers will try to where the weirdest thing possible, bring their furniture from their garage and set up camp like it’s their house and live comfortably for 3 days. Although the line-up isn’t particularly great, it’s not what you go for…You go for the positive energy amongst the small 3000-7000 people there. If you missed this one, a very similar festival, Golden Plains, operates in February.

Groovin the Moo- This festival is a few hours away from Melbourne but is probably the best 1 day festival in Melbourne. This too travels the entire country but is in Melbourne late April, Early May. It generally has LOTS of Australian Triple J favourites and is ALWAYS  a great day out. Be sure to make plans ahead though as it is far away from Melbourne and it gets suuuppeerr cold at night! Make sure you have somewhere to go afterwards!

StereoSonic- Our Creamfields. It’s basically a bunch of guys that love going to the gym, workout all year round for this one festival and go out to showcase their muscles without their shirts on just to impress the sea of fake-tanned girls. These 2 groups together mixed with lots of ecstasy make for great entertainment. This aside, there is some of the world best dance/Electronic DJs that play here including Hardwell, DJ Snake and Major lazer.

Rainbow Serpent- The closest thing to Burning Man we have. Basically, you just bring loads of drugs, acid, mushrooms and go crazy over Australia Day weekend! If that’s not what you’re into you can still have an awesome time! But it mainly consists of people with paint all over them dancing for hours to all sorts of dance music, live funky tribal world music and AMAZING arts and creative pieces. This is the original ‘bush doof’ (A big party in the Bush that the police don’t know about), however if you want more of this kind of  free-love vibe you’ll also love Metreya, Earth Core and Strawberry Fields. Almost every weekend around Melbourne there has been somebody else who’s tried to create a Bush Doof illegally (which are always the best ones) so keep an ear out and take a risk!

Splendour in the Grass (Byron Bay)- One of the few festivals that operate during Winter. In July, Byron Bay hosts Australia’s biggest festival. From all accounts it is very similar to Englands ‘Bestival’. Similar acts, 3-4 days, camping and if you are lucky it’ll be amazing weather, but regularly it is a giant swamp of mud, but you just embrace it like Glastonbury!  Easily the best festival we have!!

Bluesfest (Byron)- If you are a genune music lover and love listening to blues, soul, roots or any REAL musicians with talent, this is you! Bluesfest has hosted some incredible acts over the years including Australia’s own John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd and more commonly known John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Allen Stone, Kendrick Lamar, BB King and basically anyone blues you’ve ever heard of has played here. Just google it…you’ll go nuts… The only downside in my opinion to this festival is that it’s a bit tame at night as families too come here. My tip is to actually live in town of Byron and venture out to the festival during the day. Also it’s not as weed friendly as it should be!

Well, there is a tiny bit of info about our festivals.. That should keep you busy!!!