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They say New York is the city that never sleeps. If you only stick to the CBD and St Kilda it can seem that Melbourne sleeps, A LOT. Then in comes Chapel street to save the day. Chapel street is filled with bars and clubs that will go all day and night.  Although slightly more upmarket, pricey and brings in a nicer dressed crowd than other areas of Melbourne, it is something you’d want to do whilst your here. I guess a lot of Australia is limited with its night life with drinking laws and regulations, so indulge on a night out while you can!

Firstly, we have the notorious Revolver, or ‘Revs’ as locals know it as. Revolver is famously known for it’s underground vibe, deep house and all sorts of electronic music. It’s also a big area for pills and any other party materials you need 😉 Just a few minutes in there and you’ll have offers left right and centre..if that’s what you’re into. Although there can be some pricey cover charges ($20-$30) It’s the only place in the country that is open from Friday night and, besides for a few cleaning stops, is open until the wee hours of monday Morning. If you don’t have a room booked for the night, you can easily spend 12 hours here! It’s notoriously known for someone who had died there and none knew about it until they found the body 3 days later! But don’t let that scare you off, it’s a fun place with all types of music, people and if you’re lucky, some awesome live music. Ironically it turns into an amazing Thai restaurant on Wednesdays??

If Rev’s isn’t your vibe, we have Room 161, just across the road. 3 Levels…Rooftop up the to top, sweet colourful dance-floor in the middle with couches around and a smokers area down the bottom with another bar and vibe of it’s own. This place is PACKED from 11-3 on Saturdays so choose your time wisely.

Lucky Coq is always a decent pre-drink through to midnight type of place with 2 floors of casual space but with a pretty consistent flow of good DJ’s up top. Drinks can be happy and the $5 pizza’s even happier!

Somewhere Bar is a great little bar if you are looking for up and coming Melbourne musicians. They have open-mic nights most Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and on a busy night, can be one of the best bars on the street!

Porn n Co is Adam’s favourite. Always a consistently good night out, but always best on a Sunday. A lot of hospitality people call this place their regular spot on a Sunday.

A few other lounge-bars include Wonderland, Temperance, Holy Grail (really good!) and Lucky Liquor!

It’s probably best known for it’s fashion scene, with tons and tons of upmarket labels to local, unheard of start ups. If you’re a girl looking for a new wardrobe in Melbourne, look no further!

Really great restaurants in this area include Orange, Buddha Burger and even all the tiny souvlaki, kebab and falafel shops are amazing for all those drunken early hours in the morning kind of meals!

You can’t go wrong with a little wonder down Chapel street!