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Whether you’re in Melbourne for just a few days or a few months, you NEED to make sure you visit this area! When you first close your eyes and think of Melbourne, most think of rooftop bars, hidden bars, cafe’s, good coffee, live music, street art and a general hipster vibe. Fitzroy is this!

Best times to go out to this street are Thursday through to Sunday nights. If you are wanting to catch some live music, Baxters Lot (See other blog for this bar)  is always a great option with Live music on every night from Wednesday through to Sunday. Rum diaries and Black Pearl are class bars open till 3am, but can be a bit $$$$. Bimbo’s is great for a cheap pizza and an amazing rooftop bar, however the best rooftop bar/restaurant is the famous Naked For Satan which boast to have one of the best views of the city.

Adam and I’s personal favourite is Nightcat, where very Friday and Saturday night live funk bands will play on a stage in the middle of the dancefoor while everyone dances around it. If you’re one to salsa dance, on Sunday nights they do free classes! The Evelyn hotel hosts pretty dam good melbourne live music if you don’t mind paying a $5-$10 entry fee into the band room, but don’t worry, you’ll save $$$ on the VERY cheap beers there. Every second Sunday a funky band ‘Foreign brothers’ play and they are simply incredible! Playing originals or covers with improvised guests, sometimes, without any notice..Karaoke style.. but with a full band! The Black Cat is really chilled…The Gasometer is a cosy little bar on the end of the street with fire places and a cosy Irish bar feel. Plenty of good live music there too! The Perseverance on Friday nights smashes out the 90s all night- a very messy night! You have to be wasted just to get in!

Some other notable bars/restaurants around the area is Beach Burrito (Smith Street) where there is a skate bowel in the middle of the bar. Watch pro’s drop in while you munch on your burrito every Wednesday and Saturday night. Yah Yah’s is open quite late, and right next to it is Circuit, Collingwood’s gay bar on Thursday nights. The Grace Darling is a great little ‘Cheers’ like bar. Foresters Hall is perfect for the beer conosieur with over 30+ craft beers on tap!

Not to say during the day isn’t fun either, with over 10 vintage/thift shops to get a a good bargain at, too many restaurants to choose from and some of Melbourne’s best coffee. During the day some of the great restaurants include The Fitz, Beach Burrito and Black cat.

If you’ve got the time to get a tram in, you won’t regret it. Trams go to Fitzroy from all over Melbourne so you have no excuses!