BAXTERS LOT - Teepee Tours
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Alright, we might be a bit bias here because we are the bar flies at this place, but in our years living in Melbourne, we find this place to be the most social, friendly and entertaining bar in the city. Tucked away in the north side of Melbourne, Fitzroy, this place has everything you want form a night out… Cosy furniture, not to big and not too small, amazing staff, decent prices (Jug of Beer $14, Bottles/Spirits $8-9, Cocktails $18) but most importantly… Live Music! Baxters is home for both some of Melbourne’s most talented up and coming musicians who jsut want to play for a few hours, but also travelling musicians who want to showcase their talent. Every night from Wednesday through to Sunday you can enjoy a new face and a new voice and it’s ALL FREE. Sit back on the comfy lounges and be a fly on the wall actually listen to the music, or alternatively get fucked up! Within walking distance is many kebab/pizza places as well as Rum Diaries and Black Pearl which are open till 3am.

There is a tram stop right out the front of the bar which can take you to Collins Street in the City, or alternatively get the 96,16 or 11 from St Kilda that will take you to Nicholson Street, just a few minutes from Baxters.

Andrew plays here most nights after a tour, so come bring your tomatoes and throw some at him while he most likely plays a song he learnt the night before in the Teepee!