PRICE - Teepee Tours
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What’s included


  • Surfing
  • Food – 1 Breakfast, 1 Morning Tea, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner
  • Accomodation- Chill out for the night in our exclusive Native American Teepee
  • Park entry fees covered for you
  • Transportation
  • Free photographs from our communal camera
  • Wildlife
  • Breathtaking views
  • Didgeridoo playing
  • Boomerang throwing
  • Campfire under the stars
  • Sunset by the beach
  • The live acoustic stylings of Andrew Watson
  • Have the ability to shout out whenever you want to stop
  • 2 Local Melbourne mates showing you a great time
  • Option of drinking away at the campsite or go into town!


Do it with other tour companies

• Normally boring, organised tours
• Rushed in 12 hours
• More time in Bus than doing things
• Not worth the $$$
• Stuck with oldies
• Even 2-3 day trips are more $$$ and don’t do a lot

Do it on your own

Many think this can be cheaper, the only thing is the GOR is a very expensive area, especially food, accomodation and petrol
• Don’t know all the good spots
• Roads can be sketchy here
• Camping gear, Car rental, Insurance, Accomodation – $$
• Potentially no campfire
• Don’t meet too many people
• No Andrew and Adam to show you around the rest of Melbourne!

Groups of 5… $5 off each! Get your group together and make it cheaper for all!

Groups of 10+… Get $10 off each! We find the best trips we do are with people that are already best mates!

Refer a friend, Get cash!

For every booking we recieve with your full name in as the referral source, we will reimburse you $15 and give your friends $10 off! Go on, spread the word!